About Me

Hi, I'm Kirstie!

I'm  a 20 something year old teacher who loves the Lord, traveling the world, drinking white mochas from Starbucks, crafting & diy projects, and being married to my best friend.

A little about me: 
A few random little tidbits about me, you ask?

-I ran away from the thought of teaching because I was not very good at math in school. It wasn't until my senior year of college that I realized what I was truly called to do & decided to pursue teaching.
-I married my best friend on December 29, 2012. 3 of the greatest years with the most Godly, handsome, patient and loving man I've ever known.
-I am mama to the cutest little man ever... ok, I'm a little biased :)
-I am personal blogger about all things motherhood, faith & simply living a joyful life @ simplymamak.com
-My favorite color is pink, but lately I have a strange addiction to grey & black.
-I am a musical fanatic. I have seen somewhere between 10-15 Broadway shows. I think my passion inspires me to be so dramatic in/out of the classroom :)
-If I could pick my dream job (besides teaching, because it really is my dream) I would be a missionary to Africa. In 2008, I took my first overseas mission trip & left a GIANT piece of my heart in Ghana.
-I have a remarkable story of Christ's love & redemption.

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