A Life-Changing Classroom... Seriously

A life-changing classroom can sound a little too good to be true right?


I recently went to the Whole Brain Teaching conference in Shreveport, Louisiana, and have been so excited to share with you the amazing and wonderful resources I have learned! 
There are so many resources FREE (yes, free!!!)  that can be shared in the classroom and so many techniques that can change your entire classroom into a more positive place. 
What teacher doesn't want a better classroom?

One of the best quotes I heard this week from a great Whole Brainer, Chris Rekstead was, "Teachers, for the first time, stop going home exhausted...instead let your students go home exhausted!" YES! How many of us are just tired of all the craziness of teaching? The joy I have found in Whole Brain Teaching has been incredibly rewarding and I cannot speak enough about this movement! 

There are a few takeaways I have that I want to share with you BEFORE you check out WBT website/ videos etc. that I have learned this week. 

#1. It's more than "Class/ Yes" 

You may have walked down your school and overheard the words "Class, Class/ Yes, Yes" by a wonderful teacher who is seeking the attention of her class after a young student rabbit trailed off talking about his adventure to Disneyworld with his family this past summer.... 

Friends, "Class, Yes" is more than just a call and respond. If you are implementing this wonderful tool, you have only started an initial WBT teaching style. There's so much more than just "class/yes" 

As a newbie to WBT, this picture represents is the BEST way to implement the  WBT style of teaching. 

1. Attention Getter
2. Mirror Words (students mimic with their hands/ words in order to activate their whole brain *duh*)
3. CHUNK your instruction (stop talking so much :) lol)
4. Teach/ Okay (less teacher talk & more student talk)
5. Assess the room (are your kiddos off topic? Fix the problem areas here in the short 30-45 seconds) 


This circle should happen over & over ALL day in EVERY subject. 

Here are some of my favorite videos. I basically aspire to be like these amazing teachers :) 

**NOTE: the bottom video is very long, but worth every minute. 
Kindergarten students read/ retell in WBT style a 5 paragraph essay.
(WHAT!? How many of our 4th graders don't even know how to write in complete sentences?) 

Credit: Andre DeShotel

Credit: Andrea Shindler 

#2. If you're selling Whole Brain Teaching products online, you don't understand the true message of WBT. 

The best part of the conference was hearing the heart behind the movement. Coach B could charge for every single resource and be a multimillionaire because of the quality of every single item, but he felt the Lord spoke to him telling him to share all WBT for FREE. 

I was challenged by their statement that EVERYTHING IS FREE under "freebies" because I have personally seen MANY teachers charge WBT products. I personally have been guilty of paying for a product two years ago because I did not know how many resources are out there for free. 

After the second day, I decided to scroll through TPT just to see how many products were out there that people were charging for. Y'all, I cannot believe the amount being spent over "cute" products. 

I even saw a precious WBT bundle product that was $40.00 


#3. Whole Brain Teaching is NOT just a new classroom management system.
Although WBT is an incredible new way to manage your kiddos, there's more

Here are some examples of the classroom management piece:
1. The Scoreboard

Credit: Chris Biffle.. aka Coach B

2. Super Improvers
Credit: Mrs. Nelson's Classroom (Pinterest)

Credit: Lindsey Roush (Chris Biffle Youtube)

Ok, getting back to it's more than classroom management...

If you sign up as a member again it's free y'all you will instantly have access to hundreds of resources! 

Here are a few of mine that I use in my own classroom:

*my absolute favorite part of Whole Brain Teaching*
Credit: Lindsey Roush

Super Speed Grammar
Credit: Rebecca Crooks

Super Speed Math 
Credit: Farrah Shipley

The Crazy Professor Reading Game 
**fluency builder for upper elementary**
Credit: Chris Rekstead

Genius Ladder 
Credit: Coach B

Friends, please go register as a member for all of these amazing resources at Whole Brain Teaching. You can thank me later! ;) 

So why Whole Brain Teaching? 
If you are still asking yourself, is it really worth it.. the answer is yes! 
Coach B said it best- "If a student's whole brain is involved in learning, there isn't any mental area left over for challenging behavior." 

If WBT ONLY helps with challenging behaviors from those beloved rascals, it's worth it.

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