Fierce & Focused during the Testing Season

Today's post is all about fierce and focused during this crazy testing season. I collaborated with #Gonoodle a few weeks ago about staying stress-free during this testing season. I wrote the article [here] if you want to read all about the different GoNoodle videos we use in our classroom to keep calm, stay focused and de-stress!

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Keep calm they say...
Keep calm with 18-25 students who are stressed, over-worked, and ready to be done? Yes, that's a question. Keep calm during testing season, yet our kids just want to go outside and play?
Does any of this sound familiar to you? Maybe a little too familiar....

During this season, it can be a challenge for students and teachers to stay stress free. Teachers have grades to report, parent conferences, after school tasks, PLC's, and continuing to teach the rest of the year. You know normal things, but during testing season, it can be overwhelming! 

Tips to Stay Fierce and Focused 

My guest blogpost from GoNoodle is all about getting students up and moving when they are anxious, overwhelmed, and tired! 
  • Plan out 3-4 videos EACH day to help students get their wiggles out! This will help them stay focused and ready to learn, especially on the days of practice tests (insert emoji here) 
  • Allow VIP students or the MVP students to choose their favorite videos. This can work as a small classroom management incentive as well! Allowing students who are making positive choices and working hard to choose can be an effective reward for them. 
  • Enjoy the GoNoodle videos with your kiddos! I can't tell you how many times my students beg me to do GoNoodle dances with them even though I have no rhythm at all. Sometimes it's fun to be silly! You never know, you may find yourself loving Pop See Ko too :)

2) Set the Stage to Engage! Hope King has the BEST resources for Setting the Stage to Engage. Try mixing in fun task card games (with colorful board game pieces), allow students to get rid of the paper/ pencil test and review outside the box, and set up camp/ bootcamp/ cafe (any classroom transformation) to set the stage for engaged learners. (There are [many] resources out there, but the resources above are my favorite)

Task Cards
  • I LOVE task cards! Task cards are very engaging and take 2 seconds at the printer to copy. YAY #teacherproblems Here are some of my FAVORITE task card resources-



3) Pump them up!

Celebrate their hard work and effort by having a dance party, paper airplane throwing contest, and fun mixed review games!

  • Celebration Ideas: Dance Party, Paper Airplane Throwing Contest, Camp Out Party, Easter Egg Hunt Scavenger Hunt, Human Hungry Hungry Hippo
Dance Party!
Video Cred: Go Noodle

Photo Cred: Classroom Magic

Human Hungry Hungry Hippos! 
Photo: Our 4th Grade students playing last week
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Don't worry... blogpost coming soon on how we tied STAAR review in to our fun game  :)

Video Cred: Tanner Neilson

Stay Fierce & Focused during this crazy testing season, friends!

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