Flexible Seating in the 21st Century!

Hello Friends!

I am jumping on board with my fellow teacher friends about the best new thing in town!

Flexible seating within a coffeeshop style classroom.

Photo Cred: Pinterest

My first encounter with this idea came from Top Dog Teaching's, Ms. Kayla Delzer, when she was asked about her creative classroom seating in this video and news article. You can also catch her amazing Ted Talks video here about reimagining classrooms.

Side note-if you aren't following her top dog kids Instagram, you are seriously missing out!
Photo Cred: Lucky Little Learners

Then I stumbled upon Meg's New Box of Crayons giveaway & Lucky Little Learners' tips & tricks on how to make this dream a reality within my own classroom. I took pieces of both of their ideas and I'm jumping in to get flexible seating within my classroom!

I also found this video from Edutopia that shows what flexible seating in the classroom really looks like. 

We use Class Dojo in my classroom as a reward system, you can check out the previous blog post here. I decided to give Meg's New Box of Crayons' idea a try within my own classroom. Now, my students must reach a goal of 3,000 dojo points combined in order to receive their special spot surprise. I'll be honest, this idea is completely out of my comfort zone. I allow students to sit on the floor, hallway, and have a special spot in the room, but to reimagine my classroom is scary. At first, when I started trying to process how I could do all of this, I realized I just don't have that kind of money right now, and I need financial support!

That's when I decided to post my project on Donor's Choose

That's where you come in, I need your help!

 I am holding a Donor's Choose Giveaway! YAY!

3 lucky donor's will win big prizes including....

(1) It Works Skinny Wraps
(1) Go Noodle Prize Packs
(1) Custom Header and Quote Box banner for your TPT store! 
 Here is how it works...
1. Donate to my Donor's Choose Project (click here for the link)
2) Email me @ uncommonteaching@gmail.com to let me know you donated to my project
3) Enter into the Donor's Choose Giveaway (below)
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