Books Teachers Love: January Edition

Happy New Year,  friends! 
I'm joining in with some of my favorite teacher bloggers for the January edition of Books Teachers Love. 

For January, one of my favorite books to read is "Martin's Big Words" It is a great time to read it being the month that we honor and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

We have limited resources at my school so I have to get really creative when searching for new books. My students love to "watch" books online
I found this wonderful activity pack from Teach Create Motivate here that I will be going through with my students as well. 

Another one of my favorite one of my favorite books to read in January is "White Socks Only."

If you don't have the book, you can have your students listen to it as it is read aloud online! (Storyline Online is my favorite!)

I like to have questions ready to go as I read, KWL chart and a few activities to do after we read this book aloud.

You can grab a copy of related activities from the Storyline Online website here.

Here is a few of the other read aloud for January

Thanks for stopping by! 

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