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I want to share with you a wonderful, online resource that will save you time, copy paper and a bored classroom. 


Kahoot puts a fun spin on assessments and allows students to have fun with quizzing! 

There are 3 reasons why I love Kahoot

1. This online resource will save you copy paper/ ink. 
Who wants to wait minutes hours at the copy machine waiting on 100 copies to be made for a boring quiz? I currently have 5 different rotations in 4th grade so I am willing to try anything to avoid that crazy copier. 

2. Kahoot will save you time. 
Grading is frustrating and not always fun. Kahoot will allow each class/ period to take their assessment using the Game Pin you provide. After the assessment is complete, Kahoot will export your student's answers to an excel spreadsheet. PTL 

3. Kahoot = Excited Students
 Kahoot will get your kids excited about quizzing. 
Wait, what? YES! My classroom is no longer boring thanks to Kahoot! 
I love that my students are engaged by using technology in the classroom, are able to self-assess, and are provided an opportunity to compete against each other for points. 
Kahoot provides a leader board after each question and after the overall assessment; therefore, this means since I use Class Dojo I can award my Top 5 leaders "Awesome Answer" Dojo points! 
A little friendly competition sometimes inspires others to try harder :) 

I recently found a wonderful teacher blogger Mrs. E Teaches Math who wrote an excellent tutorial on Kahoot! Hop on over to her blog to view "How to Create a Kahoot!" 

If you are interested in taking this Quiz Challenge- NO MORE PAPERS!
Check out GET KAHOOT QUIZ for more information.

I would love to hear your feedback from your experience with Kahoot in the comments below! 

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