Publishing Camp Out Party!

Welcome Friends,

I am excited to share with you a very fun and creative way to help engage your students in writing! 

Publishing Camp Out

Teaching fourth grade writing is an adventure to tackle sometimes. Typically, Texas requires Narrative and Expository samples for the 4th Grade Writing Staar. However, this year they graciously decided to change their expectations for our poor 4th grade friends. 

For this activity, we simply focused on the writing process for about two full weeks. Our topic/ central idea was over pumpkins and we strategically worked through the steps of the writing process thoroughly. As a reward for their hard work and dedication, I set up a giant tent and "campfire" in our classroom to have a publishing camp out party!

Students were allowed to wear pajamas, bring a flashlight, pillow and their final published copies of their first expository essay! 
We even had a few parents stop by to see "how things were going" :) teacher points!?


This idea is inspired by my teacher-friend, Ashley, as well as Hope from Elementary Shenanigans #setthestagetoengage 

I am also incredibly thankful for the wonderful ladies, Ms. Kayla over at Texas Teaching Fanatic and Ms. Jacqueline over at Little Ladybug Shop for their insight, wonderful teacher-created materials and dedication to help all of us on the struggle bus. #thestruggleisreal

Hope you enjoyed this fun, quick way to engage your audience! Let me know if you have ever set your tent or have any other ideas for writing- I would love to hear your feedback!

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