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I am thrilled to share with you an amazing online resource that is free, safe & easy to use!

My students have fallen in love with GoNoodle for brain beaks!

GoNoodle is a fun, engaging way to boost brain power.
 I watch this video with my students every year at the beginning of school to discuss the importance of exercise, healthy habits and the effects of getting up & moving in our classroom to promote positive behavior. 

Brain breaks are a fabulous way to boost brain power, help them focus their attention on content work and helps aid in transitions within the classroom. 

How to use GoNoodle in your classroom:

Calm- "Think About It" 
Think about it videos are a great way to get your student's attention, help calm down disruptions and help aid in transitions. I use these videos to help transition back to our seat, hallway procedures and entering/ exiting the classroom. 

Energize- Run with Us, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Zumba and Indoor Recess
My student's favorite videos are Run with Us and Koo Koo Kangaroo. I'm also a fan of GoNoodle's Indoor Recess channel because let's be real, who hates the cold, winter days when we can't take the students outside to freeze to play and get their wiggles out?!
 Thank you GoNoodle for thinking about all of the teachers out there going crazy during the winter months! You rock!

Focus- Yoga, Maximo and Awesome Sauce!
Focus videos can be very similar to the calming videos because they help relax and rejuvenate students! I love My students love Maximo because he is a monkey, who has a "cool accent" and is blue. #maximothemonkey

I use the focus videos before any assessment in my classroom. This helps with students who are struggling with nerves/ anxiety, students who may need to get their wiggles out, and students who are not quite ready to take a test right after lunch and recess. The focus videos are a great tool to help aid in student engagement and focus their attention back on the content. 

Brain Breaks: Awesome Sauce! Youtube Videos and Kidz Bop
There are even more videos to choose from under the categories listed above. Sometimes my students are disengaged, bored or just need a 2 minute dance party. Thank you Go Noodle, again!

If you are interested in implementing brain breaks in your classroom, go sign up for GoNoodle

Also,  Teacher to the Core has some great ideas on how to incorporate GoNoodle into the classroom and freebie that you can use with your class! Check out her awesome blog for more details! 

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 How do you use GoNoodle in your classroom? 

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