Donors Choose: How to get your project funded

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Have you ever had an exciting idea or concept that was just a little too expensive to become a reality? Well I have had 4 different situations this past year of teaching thinking the same thing! But, I am going to share with you how to get fully funded on Donors Choose

I recently posted a project on Donors Choose for my Book Clubs.
I am currently using "Not So Wimpy Teacher" resources during book club, which you can get yours here for any fiction and nonfiction text.
After struggling with my great, exciting idea to use my favorite books like Wonder, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during book club, I decided I would post the project to see if just one person and/ or anyone would give to my project. 

After 4 days, the project was fully funded! I want to share with you how to get your project fully funded with a few easy steps. 

1. Be the FIRST donation to your classroom 
This is YOUR classroom, idea and project; therefore, you should be the first person to give to your project and your idea. If you see a need, do something. It is that simple. 

2. The name of your title matters
When donors are going through the different projects available, the first thing they notice is your title. Please do your project a favor, and name it something fun so that your project can grab your audience's attention. Be creative! 

3. Write from the heart
There are several sections on Donors Choose you must fill out such as my students, my project and why you are posting the project. Speak from the heart when you are writing to show that you truly care regardless of what your request might be. You might just need pencils and clipboards, or you might be requesting a trip to the Ron Clark Academy. YES! :) I did both, and I will share my RCA experience in another blog post soon! 

That's right, tell everyone you know. Promote your project on social media and send emails to your friends/ family. Don't be hesitant to ask people for help. Don't worry, I struggle with this too. There are many ways that you can promote your project such as: classroom blog or wix site, twitter, instagram, facebook and mom/dad family members. Don't give up! 

I hope these steps have helped give you some ideas on how to get a project fully funded. Be sure to visit to get your first project posted. 

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