Publishing Camp Out Party!

Welcome Friends,

I am excited to share with you a very fun and creative way to help engage your students in writing! 

Publishing Camp Out

Teaching fourth grade writing is an adventure to tackle sometimes. Typically, Texas requires Narrative and Expository samples for the 4th Grade Writing Staar. However, this year they graciously decided to change their expectations for our poor 4th grade friends. 

For this activity, we simply focused on the writing process for about two full weeks. Our topic/ central idea was over pumpkins and we strategically worked through the steps of the writing process thoroughly. As a reward for their hard work and dedication, I set up a giant tent and "campfire" in our classroom to have a publishing camp out party!

Students were allowed to wear pajamas, bring a flashlight, pillow and their final published copies of their first expository essay! 
We even had a few parents stop by to see "how things were going" :) teacher points!?


This idea is inspired by my teacher-friend, Ashley, as well as Hope from Elementary Shenanigans #setthestagetoengage 

I am also incredibly thankful for the wonderful ladies, Ms. Kayla over at Texas Teaching Fanatic and Ms. Jacqueline over at Little Ladybug Shop for their insight, wonderful teacher-created materials and dedication to help all of us on the struggle bus. #thestruggleisreal

Hope you enjoyed this fun, quick way to engage your audience! Let me know if you have ever set your tent or have any other ideas for writing- I would love to hear your feedback!

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All About GoNoodle!

Welcome friends,

I am thrilled to share with you an amazing online resource that is free, safe & easy to use!

My students have fallen in love with GoNoodle for brain beaks!

GoNoodle is a fun, engaging way to boost brain power.
 I watch this video with my students every year at the beginning of school to discuss the importance of exercise, healthy habits and the effects of getting up & moving in our classroom to promote positive behavior. 

Brain breaks are a fabulous way to boost brain power, help them focus their attention on content work and helps aid in transitions within the classroom. 

How to use GoNoodle in your classroom:

Calm- "Think About It" 
Think about it videos are a great way to get your student's attention, help calm down disruptions and help aid in transitions. I use these videos to help transition back to our seat, hallway procedures and entering/ exiting the classroom. 

Energize- Run with Us, Koo Koo Kangaroo, Zumba and Indoor Recess
My student's favorite videos are Run with Us and Koo Koo Kangaroo. I'm also a fan of GoNoodle's Indoor Recess channel because let's be real, who hates the cold, winter days when we can't take the students outside to freeze to play and get their wiggles out?!
 Thank you GoNoodle for thinking about all of the teachers out there going crazy during the winter months! You rock!

Focus- Yoga, Maximo and Awesome Sauce!
Focus videos can be very similar to the calming videos because they help relax and rejuvenate students! I love My students love Maximo because he is a monkey, who has a "cool accent" and is blue. #maximothemonkey

I use the focus videos before any assessment in my classroom. This helps with students who are struggling with nerves/ anxiety, students who may need to get their wiggles out, and students who are not quite ready to take a test right after lunch and recess. The focus videos are a great tool to help aid in student engagement and focus their attention back on the content. 

Brain Breaks: Awesome Sauce! Youtube Videos and Kidz Bop
There are even more videos to choose from under the categories listed above. Sometimes my students are disengaged, bored or just need a 2 minute dance party. Thank you Go Noodle, again!

If you are interested in implementing brain breaks in your classroom, go sign up for GoNoodle

Also,  Teacher to the Core has some great ideas on how to incorporate GoNoodle into the classroom and freebie that you can use with your class! Check out her awesome blog for more details! 

I'm giving this fun prize pack away for one lucky winner!

You have a chance to win this cute pencil pouch, just enter the Rafflecopter below to win!
 How do you use GoNoodle in your classroom? 

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Welcome Friends!

I want to share with you a wonderful, online resource that will save you time, copy paper and a bored classroom. 


Kahoot puts a fun spin on assessments and allows students to have fun with quizzing! 

There are 3 reasons why I love Kahoot

1. This online resource will save you copy paper/ ink. 
Who wants to wait minutes hours at the copy machine waiting on 100 copies to be made for a boring quiz? I currently have 5 different rotations in 4th grade so I am willing to try anything to avoid that crazy copier. 

2. Kahoot will save you time. 
Grading is frustrating and not always fun. Kahoot will allow each class/ period to take their assessment using the Game Pin you provide. After the assessment is complete, Kahoot will export your student's answers to an excel spreadsheet. PTL 

3. Kahoot = Excited Students
 Kahoot will get your kids excited about quizzing. 
Wait, what? YES! My classroom is no longer boring thanks to Kahoot! 
I love that my students are engaged by using technology in the classroom, are able to self-assess, and are provided an opportunity to compete against each other for points. 
Kahoot provides a leader board after each question and after the overall assessment; therefore, this means since I use Class Dojo I can award my Top 5 leaders "Awesome Answer" Dojo points! 
A little friendly competition sometimes inspires others to try harder :) 

I recently found a wonderful teacher blogger Mrs. E Teaches Math who wrote an excellent tutorial on Kahoot! Hop on over to her blog to view "How to Create a Kahoot!" 

If you are interested in taking this Quiz Challenge- NO MORE PAPERS!
Check out GET KAHOOT QUIZ for more information.

I would love to hear your feedback from your experience with Kahoot in the comments below! 

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Donors Choose: How to get your project funded

Welcome friends,

Have you ever had an exciting idea or concept that was just a little too expensive to become a reality? Well I have had 4 different situations this past year of teaching thinking the same thing! But, I am going to share with you how to get fully funded on Donors Choose

I recently posted a project on Donors Choose for my Book Clubs.
I am currently using "Not So Wimpy Teacher" resources during book club, which you can get yours here for any fiction and nonfiction text.
After struggling with my great, exciting idea to use my favorite books like Wonder, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during book club, I decided I would post the project to see if just one person and/ or anyone would give to my project. 

After 4 days, the project was fully funded! I want to share with you how to get your project fully funded with a few easy steps. 

1. Be the FIRST donation to your classroom 
This is YOUR classroom, idea and project; therefore, you should be the first person to give to your project and your idea. If you see a need, do something. It is that simple. 

2. The name of your title matters
When donors are going through the different projects available, the first thing they notice is your title. Please do your project a favor, and name it something fun so that your project can grab your audience's attention. Be creative! 

3. Write from the heart
There are several sections on Donors Choose you must fill out such as my students, my project and why you are posting the project. Speak from the heart when you are writing to show that you truly care regardless of what your request might be. You might just need pencils and clipboards, or you might be requesting a trip to the Ron Clark Academy. YES! :) I did both, and I will share my RCA experience in another blog post soon! 

That's right, tell everyone you know. Promote your project on social media and send emails to your friends/ family. Don't be hesitant to ask people for help. Don't worry, I struggle with this too. There are many ways that you can promote your project such as: classroom blog or wix site, twitter, instagram, facebook and mom/dad family members. Don't give up! 

I hope these steps have helped give you some ideas on how to get a project fully funded. Be sure to visit to get your first project posted. 

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Classroom Management: Class Dojo

Hey Friends,

Welcome to my first blog post! I am so thrilled you took the time to stop by and see my site. I am jumping onto the teacher blogging bandwagon for a few reasons: 1. I just completed my first year teaching so I want to be able to share ideas/ new concepts in the teaching blogging world. I don't think I could have survived my first year without the help of some amazing teacher bloggers and teachers pay teachers' resources. I am very grateful for the community that the social media world brings! 2. Social media in the classroom. Whether we like it of not, social media is and will continue to be our future. I am choosing to embrace this new concept, and help my students be aware of creepers and cyber-safe, as well as learn new things to be able to implement in my classroom.

Today I want to share with you my favorite classroom management tool. If you've been living under a rock for the last year, you may not know about the incredible classroom management system called "Class Dojo."

In Texas, we are required to implement Personal Financial Literacy according to our State standards. There is no better way than with Class Dojo as my classroom economy system!  I will admit I was very nervous at first because how do you explain budgeting, savings, income, and credit to nine year olds? However,  The fabulous Peppy Zesty Teacherista has some wonderful resources- check out her recent blog post on her classroom economy system & super cute reward coupons!

Using the Class Dojo management system last year, I decided to create some fun Class Dojo rewards that are both coupons and QR codes.
You can download over 25+ Class Dojo themed coupons for $2.50 here on my TPT site. 

Here is a sneak peek for you to enjoy :) 

I use each one of the them on a weekly basis when my store is open because my students earn dojo points for their hard work in their classroom jobs, AR goals and participation punch cards.

Here are some examples that I love to use in my own classroom!

Miss 5th's Prize Pack

Class Dojo Rewards

I would love to hear your thoughts! What classroom management system do you use?
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